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Bishop Terry D. Williams

Bishop Terry D. Williams is the founder The “Purpose” Church International Fellowship (TPCIF): an established Church Planting and mentoring organization that provides ministry leadership to pastors across denominational lines. His ability to teach and preach the Word of God with clarity, conviction and passion makes him a sought after evangelist across the globe.


Bishop Williams graduated from Lee Senior High School in Marianna, Arkansas and continued his studies in Houston, Texas at Universal Technical Institute (UTI) acquiring a diploma in HVAC mechanics. After completing his studies in Texas he relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he completed his Associate of Arts and Bachelor degree in Ministry at Northwestern College in Roseville, Minnesota. In March 2009, Bishop Williams received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree from St. Thomas Christian College in Jacksonville, Florida.


Bishop Williams is also the founder of The Purpose Church in Minneapolis, MN, and TDW Ministries, which is focused on empowering people through media ministry. He accepted his calling into the ministry in April 1993, and began his pastoral ministry in December 1997. During his ministry he has received numerous awards including the Servant-Leader award in 2002 from the International Black Women’s Congress and the National Television Program of the month Award from First Choice Media in 2008.


Bishop Williams’ passionate commitment to ministry and entrepreneurship has made him successful in both arenas. He is the founder of All American HVAC Services, a successful HVAC company, and is a real estate investor.